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Our hamlet dates back to ancient times, come and find out about it!

They supported the Guelfi and did not have an easy life within the Ghibelline Arezzo, yet the members of the family gained important positions in the papal state and high positions at the service of the Marquis of Ferrara. Fondaco del Moro B&B has decided to recover the crest of the historical family to make it the symbol of the resort.

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The fortified hamlet of Oliveto was probably founded around 1385, when the Florentine Republic had just conquered Arezzo and its county. Unlike all of Valdichiana which was a marshy land and subject to malaria, this land, was "healthy and fecund" as the Florentines used to define it.

The Governor of the village, encouraged also by the Florentine Guelfi, was obliged to fortify the walls with two watch towers.

Although the Saracini family exists today only in the crests on the external side of the Oliveto castle gates, they were, no doubt, the protagonists since the early Middle ages.

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